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I’m sure of the Sunrise

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com

In many ways we dream almost golden, the thorns that might arise breaking the nightfall. beyond the need of intelligence or intellect. A flower unveiling petal by petal, knowingly, the day awaits us to the sweet looming light,

Soft timid blooming- press

turning the world around in a spec

that it is the earth’s kindness as she brings

icy lakes, black and white snow

mud piles on the road

journey attending,

as we go …

kindness sister Krissy


Hello: Said The Sun To the Moon

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Looking out at the east of the river,

the roaring blue waves approaching,

I sensed the depth of the sun’s golden heat narrowing down in the sheer coldness of the morning. The taste of times in stillness. The waves beating out the salt of ocean. Slapping the bank with the tide.

The void of loneliness, is there. The unwanted worries are there. Opened wounds are there- carried in the emptiness of the morning.

The moon and sun are met together, one saying hello and another replied “so long.” “Until next time. Til we are met together- side by side”

A silver of light peeks through.

One sliver light after the another.

Turning tables of the morning

human souls ablaze

tipping hats in kindness

kicking the ache of the soul,

satisfying goodness,

with nourishment, softened by each tip,

then a human-smile, is born in gold.

kindness. sis Krissy