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Birthing Stool: Day27 #NaPoWriMo

Poetry Written and Spoken by Krissy Mosley 2022

Symphony of Trees Day 20 #NaPoWriMo

Beauty of uncertainty, 

I am the one that is changing, 

gathering in  paper-poems, 

the world is held together 

falling apart in sunsets 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

trees bemoan their creaking 

bowing branches are drummers 

of the sky. What’s breathing me ?

The Tree and I  are  entities of the same 

The tree is aware of me, and I silence myself,

in company. 

dare to breathe,  I say, tree winds knocking on my soul 

dare to synchronize deep magic of leaf 

dare to utter oak prayers in the park or in the pew

bless now I pray,  the tree and I never stop ,never do

like hungry perspiration

in the spring, 

rings of mysteries, 

ancestral interceding’s, 


the tree has become my teacher 

and I the ever-eager student.

Poet Krissy Mosley 2022

When We Are Still…

Suddenly there was a shift in the atmosphere, even the birds could feel it. The red cardinal perched in the middle of winter snow. The backyard gate swinging. Like something was coming.

I’d never forgotten, the road that leads me home. Midst of maple in the air, the sayings of elders “take the Lord along with you” “when love builds the house”- the window curtains may fade, time slips over into another the day, Ceramic angels have multiplied scattered around the living room.

we are all, God’s birds, chanting our own tune,

dazzling midst

temporarily the ash starts to burn

colors of “Josephs’ robe” -lights up the sky

in the shadow of moon’s trees

and we live and we live

Kindness sister Krissy