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Void Day (22) Happy Earth Day Napowrimo

If I look for yesterday, I won’t ever find him.

Certainly not while the sun has gathered her children.

If I thought about tomorrow,

I’d be paralysed  looking out my rearview.

I thought about traveling. I’d go to Venus, I’m not sure why.

Rambling on, I must.

Mother, she has a way that moves me .

Just how do evergreens stay so true?

Just how are the flurries flying in April?

I am fond of the animals that eat their skin course,

I never want to meet them.

This Poem makes no sense

but it feels good to vent.

I had some issues with my blog site So you won’t find day 21 for Napowrimo, I have changed themes still trying to find a theme that works for me(free is good) Nevertheless all is well. Hey things happen. I’ve gotta make the best of it and laugh real hard… Feeling Alive ,happiness is all…Much love to all the writers/Poets/ and bloggers in WordPress…