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She took her mind out for a short walk.Along the way,the left brain said to the right.

“They divided us and now we must work together!”

The shadows we boxed ,longing for stillness.Fragmented cavities of uncertainty.

Turning onto Cherry street; ant piles shaped the X sign on the sidewalk.

Little dirty children we use to be.Her spirit whistled like the wind.Her body found new land with skin and algae.Under holy waters she bathed daily.

Erupted tides of new beginnings.

Poet Krissy Mosley

Go to the Water


I go to the water 

there I will find my ancestors 

in worship and spirit,

becoming one breath.

I go to the water there I will find

My ancestors of rhythm and sleep

Emerging in water where deals are made of bone and fabric

The future me lies here in the water

I go to the water,

there I will find my ancestors.

Poet: Krissy Mosley all rights reserved 2014

Judah’s Birth

Judah’s Birth

Men say, giving birth is a beautiful thing…

I agreed silently until my turn came.

Laying flat on a table.

exposed, vulnerable,

anticipating the cry of a newborn.

 Nightfall – raining, pouring, down on the windows.

my body traveling through multiple changes

10 centimeters deep Dilating…

Sounds of medical staff in the distance.

I could hear doctors say to get her prep right away.

What was wrong?

Having my baby too soon.

Underdeveloped lungs, bad prenatal care, transferred from here to there.

Throwing up my bowels.

Eight months three weeks

Bleeding internally.

“Count to ten”, said the doctor,

placing the oxygen mask over my face.


making peace with the soul maker.

I thought I was eating right; working so hard to keep my status of medical care and salary.

Going to school did I mention working.

The daily stress of being a wife, friend, keeping up w/ the status of my foes.

Pursuing my dreams.

listening to crowds,  testify ,suck it up girl, don’t quit,

Legs and arms were swollen from being on my feet, consuming too much salt.

A prizefighter black eyes, white lips

I gave birth on the emergency table,

cutting my baby, out of me…

The nurse leaned, she said, “its all your fault you know”.

Day three up on my side.

Wheeled around to NICU, observing my daughter, fight for her life.

Three pounds 13 ounces tubes everywhere.

Staring at her frail body, watching her bones breathe under the hot light.

Crying and praying asking for forgiveness.

Telling God I didn’t know.

Pumping milk for a baby who couldn’t suck for several days.

I named her Judah.

God be praised we made it…   

Poet Krissy Mosley