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Drawing close to the Spirit… Cry of My Spirit

The spirit of peace moves, where there is chaos it will cease

The spirit of love moves, where there is hatred it will cease

The spirit of kindness moves, where there suffering it will cease

The spirit of hope moves, where is helplessness it will cease

The spirit of gentleness moves, where there is loss, there will be comfort,

covering multitudes,

covering disasters,

covering failures,

it moves

“with healing in its wings”

kindness sister Krissy


Mercy Seat

In the attic my sanctuary
under the mercy seat
enchanted voices blossom
I hear you calling me, through the gates of praise
                             Into the holies of holies
                             I’ll find me,here I stand,
                             I belong with you,
                             No more excuse,I laid it down
So here I stand under the mercy seat,
you are my only guide ,my inner source
you in me and I in you