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Dear Future Self,

Dear future self, if you’re still a devoted lifelong blogger. Congrats! By now your halfway around the world. Writing your way up to that times best seller’s list. If not then, oh well, cheer-up. I’m sure you’ll get there one day. I’d thought I’d drop a line. A note or two, just to let you know, you’ve got me rooting for you.

We’ve had some breaks and rejections this year. Rejections and sleepless nights, things that didn’t pan out, quite right. Oh yes, I remember, sister’s in- law’s dog ran away. We’d searched and searched all night but still, there was nothing. On this very morning, while trying to get the laundry done, you tripped and fell down the basement stairs. As if that wasn’t something, you’d tried your hand at your daughter’s Cornucopia’s gluing the thanksgiving meal quite funny.

Dancing around life’s many disasters’ still trying to make the best of all of them. I hear you, heck I’m praying for you, rooting through and through. It’s never as easy as it seems, writing between the wee hours of the morning, after work, after kids, after preparing meals, and attempting to stay healthy too.

I call it, life on steroids, the tiny raw miracles we’ve got. Lord knows, they add up. You’re alive! And there’s so much more to you!

I hope you feel you’re capable of reaching your full potential. I pray you feel there’s a deeper depth to your craft, tapping on divine streams, sent out every morning just to find…

One day, by happenstance- perhaps,

you’ll lift your head,

sense the whole wide world’s inside


souls’ in conversation.

Striking through your veins.

striking right through the souls of your art,

zones and roads you must travel.

Higher and higher, you must climb.

P.S. (never mind the doubting) I’m your soul, and I’m shouting, we got this! Til we meet again

signing off kindness sister Krissy

Hello: Said The Sun To the Moon

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Looking out at the east of the river,

the roaring blue waves approaching,

I sensed the depth of the sun’s golden heat narrowing down in the sheer coldness of the morning. The taste of times in stillness. The waves beating out the salt of ocean. Slapping the bank with the tide.

The void of loneliness, is there. The unwanted worries are there. Opened wounds are there- carried in the emptiness of the morning.

The moon and sun are met together, one saying hello and another replied “so long.” “Until next time. Til we are met together- side by side”

A silver of light peeks through.

One sliver light after the another.

Turning tables of the morning

human souls ablaze

tipping hats in kindness

kicking the ache of the soul,

satisfying goodness,

with nourishment, softened by each tip,

then a human-smile, is born in gold.

kindness. sis Krissy


I need the sky to walk down and touch me

freckles of memories

mark my journey

from where I’ve been

and where I’m going

Only the sky can see

wings of faith-

See me carry my paper children

feed the souls with light and promise

that soon we birth our dreams

to fly

I need the sky to come down and touch me

pick up my fragile pieces

bottle up my tears

teach me how to

carry my paper children

VisionarieKindness 2015

I am:(list)

Something you don’t know about me:

  • I want to tryout for an acting gig-but first I’ve gotta get up the courage to do it
  • I have a 3rd degree burn on my right hand from a childhood fire
  • I am a Lefty
  • I use writing as my therapy for lots of things and for healing eczema the scars it can leave behind
  • I’m a bit selfish, as a Mother of three kids I  can say ,my time is priceless
  • I am an introvert but I do like to socialize online
  • This year my favorite color seems to be blue
  • I like rustic living-  beauty of nature but I don’t like bugs (how crazy is that)
  • I started a you tube channel of prayer and poetry here’s the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcsidKeOUuE0RGCrI3RghbA

That’s all I can think of :this is not a challenge, I just wanted to share a little about me. It’s been almost ten years since I’ve started this poetry blog and many bloggers may not have any insight of who I am…Blessings to all…