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“Teach my Soul to Dream”

Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry

Midnight Air,

the orange blackness;

rode upon a white horse.

Laughing tears.

Speaking in unknown tongues.

The wind grew angrily.


moving brick and gravel.

She gave out colds to the little ones without heart.

She sat on the skin old men.

A dream on fire;

don’t think that my dreams have burned down.

I was not selected.

I’ll try a little harder.

Hoard all disappointment to the left.

Retrieve my soul

Teach my Soul to Dream

Poet Krissy Mosley

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Story Praise Reports

Today am finishing up an employment process for which I will work nightly and still be at home with my three kids.I am thankful to be employed after four years of being a stay @home mother. Truly a test of faith and patience. I pray for balance and better management skills

Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry

Today I am thankful to start a blogging site through Mother Bethel Poetry Ministry.

I know with “God all things are possible”Image

What has God done for you today?

New ways to give thanks?


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