Month: March 2018

Like a bird diving for its very first drink of the morning. An eagle brooding over her nest. The untapped ocean that delivers its arms for healing. Most of all, the ache of a soul. Reaching for repair. Awaiting for the ringing bells of glory. An ache that grows each day because she is not […]

I can be a door. I can be an open road. I can be a crack in the ceiling. And watch the rain fall through. I can – with joy in full bloom. I can be distant summers. Falling upon crackling leaves.   Distilling the fermented grounds. For seeds early planting. I can be a […]

  When seasons change The fire-birds come. Their wings spread over the sky of skies. And little bellies carry the sun’s rock from- realms of angels. To break the sunset- with the morning. ~your Kindness sister 🙂  

    As one that conquers My deepest doubt. Grace flows in. Mercy leads her dear children home. But Love is.. Love is a nation Love is a weapon. She bares arms For children Like mine. Proving arrows Shield and sword Watching at the gate Buffeting over… Love walks on waters She brings her children […]

  This was no ordinary day. The sky had taken a turn for the worst. The rain pushed us to our limit. I tried to stay indoors but I couldn’t help but be struck with awe and madness. I stared at the storm, the trees crashed to the ground. The clouds thickened. Powerlines swayed, pedestrians […]

There was a freedom unlike any other the fire trees spread, the smoke as God An iron-flame The fire would touch our weary minds. And our flesh would return as new as new-is newly born. After the labor After the travailing cry After the push peace for every nation would come…~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley