Monthly Archives: August 2020

Moving Up a Little Higher

In the middle of the road

of all that stands on broken-coves

watching the dance of daylight

creeping, slope by slope out the of the frame

withering and wilting

from the way we could have been great

we could have save the day,

maybe made a real change

maybe break pseudo-fame,

maybe held our exhausted heads,

in whisper


America has it problems, our skin to skin issues

maybe its time we solve’em

the haphazardly excursion that nothing’s ever wrong

please excuse me when you see me move

from the lonely broken roads

where the light seems to peep, broken surges

sweltering, broken concrete

I’ll be moving on~kindness sister


Wise Old Spirit

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

Its been forever since I sat down and sent you a message.

You are the wise old friend, I’ve been meaning to get back to.

These day are like water in my hand and sand in my shoes

just when I think I’m holding on. Well you know the rest

it seems to slip and I find myself zapped and whipped

out energy, sputtering out of orbit.

So here is my call, my wise old friend

I’m coming home

its time I get back to me and

set some things straight. ~kindness sister Krissy

Living Yoga Space

Coming back – where the movement is stillness (pose)

chasing shadows -wanting nothing more than presence alone

wanting time… wanting time to think… wanting to breathe in

wanting hope, wanting our youth to survive …

Like flowing waters -wells that never run dry.

companions- posing,

coupled by pride and perfection

to hide against the cage we called home

and our home

built of bricks and bone

slab and muck, twigs of flesh (pose)

to live…

we just want to live.

kindness sister Krissy