Month: May 2018

I taste the salt of many lives. What is life? Is it not light that is alive? What is being? If it cannot be tasted like sweet grass in passing. I become dry like the deepest parts of the valley. Longing for stillness. I sap out the stolen-waters of many youths. They should’ve loved. They […]

  There were these lost dreams on dreamers road. Stoned into the bank of the cove. At high noon the dreamers would come to gaze, to suspend their minds in imagination. They’ve pulled out their ladders to reach God. They’ve counted the distance between them. Nailing their dreams in coffins. Reviving them like Jesus – […]

  I’ll do most anything so my little ones should know. I left no path unturned. With two pigtails to hold her curls. Her heart is five. Her soul is old. Mommy Anna says: let me tell you a story about my doll Mr. Cranky I think to my self: she’s probably referring to… Anna: […]

Where have you found God? Where have you found me? I’ve been squatting installs. Playing in the darkness. In the old beat-up truck in my front yard. Said the darkness to the deep. Said the launch to the leap. Going the distance. They’ve been with me. In the dirtiest of places Underneath the seats. Cardboards […]

I heard the raindrops on my doorsteps. Like metal tin cans. Welcome home this gentle run. Falling, searching, pounding on and on. There is cedar in the breeze. Birdies in the shower. Muddy puddles for the children. When I talk to rain. O’ the world to listen.   Pull me afar. Draft in the wisdom […]

When you feel alive you know it. Surely you do! In a tip of a town. To forget all that’s sad, oh, that’s living! Don’t you forget, living too soon? Taking-in the pain make it your own. It hurts a bit more than you want it. It smells like peaches and rain. Although we’d rather […]

Imagine all the love there is; an infinite wonder of love. Imagine all the stillness: stepping out of the shadows untouched, unscarred, unbarred… Imagine when all the people go to heaven there is no death there is no hurt. Wouldn’t it be wonderful: when all hatred is erased. Wouldn’t it be wonderful: if the homeless […]