Month: September 2015

I am worth the dreams that live in me I am worth the mountains that skip soothing my troubled soul cooling waters,open wide exploding through the errors down on Georgia st. I am worth the journey… VisionarieKindness 2015

Today she let the light in- o’ boy did that feel good! Her metaphysical power Brushing the leaves allowing herself to be both broken, and spirited VisionarieKindness 2015

Know your own power whether through hail or raving lights and when you hark- the winds will bend in your veins VisionarieKindness 2015 To view  my latest poem  click here- I saw Love

Just try a little fluttering putter with the wings growing out back in the falling swing resilience grows the writer’s art in sowing nine stitches rebelliously knowing it’s not over it’s not over… VisionarieKindness 2015

Let the ceilings fall Let the earth open it’s lungs Let the magic in the trees reach out to me Between here and sanity Between lost shoes and bare feet Between the atoms of waters Between the sky and I I am Wilde I am aggrandize gold I am … VisionarieKindness 2015