Month: October 2017

We have not hills, to lay our bodies down. Where the sweet meadow grass will meet. We are gridlock into stagnant, narrow city streets Where the devil’s work in white chalk lines under zip codes of purgatory. Every hand to hand, proportions to eat. Catch a bus, catch a case, catch a plea Should you […]

    Not everyone likes taking the family photo. There’s usually one or more. However, I’ve learned a great deal with photos they capture moments and moods of many faces. Whether good or bad. Indifferent or sad. We’d come gathering all our emotions on the stage. It may not have been the best of times, […]

It’s a cold October day the temperatures finally cascade into the mid-forties. At 7:25 am in my view the brown leaves scatter along the pavement and the cold wind has found a gentle resting place on our faces.  Maybe my place of residence spills deeply in absence of satisfaction. The cumbering roads and missing lights. Street corners […]