Month: January 2018

If you should ask, has my kindness ever been mistaken for weakness? I’ll answer yes. If you should ask, were there times I felt like being genuinely caring and humble made me out to be a laughing stock and doormat? I’ll answer yes. If you should ask if I believe that kindness is a bit much […]

Today I had the bright idea of blogging and making toast the old fashion way. Like, get out the butter and skillet. Put the bread in the pan and then start writing. My little house filled with all the same aromas like grandma’s house. The bread and butter melted in the pan. Soft hints of […]

A small surrender Here I am: water in dry places “As I forgive, I am forgiven” As tender as a dove As strong as a tree On borrowed time On borrowed knees ~Krissy Mosley©2018

“Such as I have I give unto thee” A kind light: I hold for myself and others to come. Therefore I am a gentle creature for which I am thankful I let go the cares of this world for my creator cares for me I let this lovingkindness compass round about me To be kind […]