Month: October 2018

I knew I owed you a thirst that could permeate passion just a student on the jobs of life myself I heard you’re reaching around I saw the destruction underway the rippling punch, square in the face but you got up I watched you shift on the nose of dive taste your own blood and […]

I believe it was about three Sundays’ ago. After worship service, I made a B-line for the sanctuary door. Worship service was okay. I walked away feeling a disconnect between my prayer life/ God/ and the congregational worship. Maybe it was just me. Or maybe others could feel it too. The Praise team was wonderful, […]

In the fullness of stillness, leaves on trees/calm mist of morning/ cool winds/still A seagull’s shrill soft/warm/supple cry/still The earth wanders round and round forward and backward bending and moving up and down A God-like still… No stories/hindered no burden/broken no jabs to the body no kindred boats no yearnings, as I close my eyes […]

Logged in my shoe was a rusty green pebble knots/ along my walk/convinced me I examined my story lumps of newspapers under my arm people don’t read them anymore I’d walk out of a painted picture onto the canvas, I’d colored my shaved head cherry-brown Into the misty/staggered fog scattered plans of a lifetime A […]

One of these days you wanna find God pull God out of Nowhere sit with God on the furniture wipe out cob-webs sniff the blueberry trees let the wounds/ widespread/open the wounded whole world-open crawl out of a hole/think I found God sing an exploding prayer blown down doors to be safe carpets/the blood is […]

Dear bravery, maybe I’ve quieted you over the years. When I was a little girl, I felt invincible. There was nothing I wouldn’t try twice. Flying for me was a metaphysical mystery. I owned it. Perhaps it is power/courage/heart racing/ God-chasing/can’t stop/won’t stop/ I’m not tired yet/hold my breath/come up for air swinging/life-changing, bravery~your Kindness […]

They’re hungry always have been. They drink with their sponges in tongues at the ready. Touched/curled matches made in gossip. Shut up! You/you don’t know. I had two hearts. Gave up the first in solid/ frozen waters, I wanted to live. In a place, I called alone. I needed to survive. In people who had […]