Monthly Archives: June 2016


dawingGolden laughter so high,

I’d rest a while -beaming in the dusty haze;

we’d see sun’s shadow and dance.

Before too long, my make up run- right into me.

My feet never felt the ground shake like this.

Ooo-wee, my hips have a mind of their own.


Evening skips along freezing time.

Nothing can compare – foggy cedar tryst

Suede Mocha, pecan pie

dark chocolate lover,

sweet butter,

Homemade banana pudding

Nanna’s Jamaican’ hands are singing.

And we not going home til- the morning comes. 😉


Send Me

I was made in Celestial trans

vividly awakened.

It was the songs of wind.

It was the songs of joyous – meetings.

It stirred my sap,

connected my lions in realms beyond skies.

And what I remember –  a holy love,

cultivated greatness – here I am,

I’ll go.




With a light heart

and a clean start,

with a joyful leap,

Summer’s Rain

comes to play.

We diddle, fiddling

jazzing ,rasping golden wings.

We live long, ah

We dig boney beats,

We see our friends in the street, yes ,yes,

We laugh hard

We run wild – flower -chile,

Life is good….