Month: June 2018

I’d be there, where the deep-wells are made. I’d be right beside the silent nights. I’d be there before the highest heights of dust.   A place where paper cranes are hailed. Across Argentina, Africa where God makes new plains. Hearts are cased in bone. For those who own hearts must be wise. And wisest […]

Where I once saw the matter grey and unbearably wicked. I now see it as the place I overcame with courage and determination. Although some years have passed I think about that night often. It could have possibly been the turning point in my life. We were a family of five, connected by a tiny […]

In the joy- being alive. I see the earth, encapsulated with vision. I see the day, anew. I see the world of worlds in the morning where everything is settled, everything is still. The starry-light to break. The morning-bread to bake. The willows to weep. The seagulls to glide. And the sky rolls down anew.~your […]

A heart is a language, stronger than fear. It won’t ever leave you. It will always be. A heart is an ocean. Many waves a-coming. Many hearts to-keeping. It will never leave. A heart is a distance, only the souls will know. It will never leave you. In the end, A heart will be broken, […]

There was a time. I probably did not know it then, some twenty-two years ago. It would be my first encounter with the mystical. Something, not always seen by the human eye. Although I was a kid, I was told kids are most welcomed, sort of innocence, a natural ability to receive. So there I […]

Last night, I took a mean fall down my basement steps. I tripped over my son’s shoes. Sliding, straight on nine remaining stairs. It was sort of funny the way it happened. There were no flashing lives before my face. My family was safely sleeping. My husband was upstairs. He didn’t hear me holler out. […]