Month: March 2019

On the other side of growing up I didn’t realize until I started having meditative- contemplative meetings with my mind There I was getting to be 40 more real- 35 on the side stuck this little green-gullible girl a rebel, afro-mellow, drama-free non-double jointed walker. Believing humans made God out-to-be a murder but I knew […]

The things that make me happy are not material. They are the sheer joy of children playing wild and free They are The glowing lights when street turn quiet They are small ideas that bring a fresh perspective They are learning from every adventure and knowing when one door closes there are thousands, of open […]

And sometimes you feel, you’re losing your children to the monsters you can’t see the secrets tip softly, against a myriad of quicksand our ears pick out palpitations of the heart retroactive, our hips spin out-of-socket overactive commotion, back then we waited to tell you, lifted you, held the darkness at bay prayed you’d be […]

As the world evolves into stranger places the stranger things are us, learning ourselves from the inside breaking the blood of the broken life is so humbling and I even can’t explain this feeling when mountains move, mud collapses, there is no bottom At 3:04 am the cry of the soul brought them closer together […]

A Pinch of the pressure, on things I’ve seen a subtle heat on madness – losing sight and you’d wish you’d gone blind I’d give you my  eyes-  you’d appreciate the mad turning off the skylight, turning off the machines, this is meant to be my year I lost my father to appreciate, all lost […]