Month: October 2016

The purpose of falling wonders under hollow world’s like this one. Tailoring lightening in our hands, as the world, will breathe on you. Wisdom gills’ are open. Then the indescribable knowing, pain has tied its’ shoes to the knees of suffering. The calling of our names proved that we belong under the falling lights. Here […]

  Falling flat on our faces was never a part of our story. We knew it now, the more gentle we were strolling down unpaved roads that only we could pave. Our hands made in the evening- springs, lurking between the half light and half- nighted skies. Our lips firmly planted, but our feet, would […]

How goes the dreams of dreamers on the wheels? Soaking suffering till it oozes. Cooling by the streams. And the slightest fainting, in the scuffle, masquerading on the dime. Priming pumps, Puncturing steam, on and on Out of time. Gnats that will not leave, So you fit and fight, winds that are not there. So […]

Our songs are filled with contextual transcripts. Moving upon algorithms, Centering, rivers of kindred-night. Lovers tasting love for the first time. With such passionate flow And since love began gushing, For the first time, we knew Love sweetened Where the rivers are young Fools are too Where the rivers are calling Love reached tipping-wells Where nights […]

Somewhere deep inside, I release the invisible me.  Somewhere deep inside, I start to believe – Somewhere deep inside my light/ dark soul. Somewhere past the train tracks. Somewhere in Mississippi- burning. Somewhere beyond the great spirits Somewhere deep inside, Somewhere around the tables of time Somewhere underneath the world winds Somewhere way down in […]

Tell me, has it been so long? When we knew, we would never die Brought back by the river’s call. Bit by bit- bowed high But never without the sky. Going on the miles we left behind. Savoring but for one moment, Just to open wide, celesta blues This is, what life is This is, […]