Monthly Archives: January 2020

Drawing close to the Spirit… Cry of My Spirit

The spirit of peace moves, where there is chaos it will cease

The spirit of love moves, where there is hatred it will cease

The spirit of kindness moves, where there suffering it will cease

The spirit of hope moves, where is helplessness it will cease

The spirit of gentleness moves, where there is loss, there will be comfort,

covering multitudes,

covering disasters,

covering failures,

it moves

“with healing in its wings”

kindness sister Krissy

Just thought I’d say, God “You are My Peace”

Come holy spirit, somehow now I need it

things that are broken

– hidden pieces, scattered like weeds

bones I’m becoming,

didn’t know, they were worth-growing

turning stones into seeds

sowing broken things,

Dear God, I pray this time,

you wake me,

replace the hole, in my heart,


replace, the “cage bird, for the sparrow, still watches over me,

I don’t always sing “because I’m happy”,

sometime, I sing to take what’s broken and make them wings-

fly away,

fly, fly far away,

fly towards the sun, burnout the shadow that lingers near

fly again- touch the soft stream and deer’,

fly above the weary mind

fly against storms

fly between bombs and men of war

fly and bring back the olive branch

God and I,

“you are my peace”

Kindness sister Krissy

Sometimes: I look In the Mirror Just to See, If Its’ ME

There are times, where my mind seems to find – deepest/darkness of memories but that’s not who I am anymore. All that pain, all that misery wrapped around itself, made something,

beautiful out of me…

I’m watching the snowfall, for the first time, in a long time, sitting by myself, in a warm and comfy chair.

I’ve seen my share – where the world has got its’ shame,

where the world bends,

broken wings are changing,

we’re all feathers together,

colors of the same icy winds

gatherings’ of love,

little crumbs,

things of little breads

feeding our longing soul

everybody needs a little,

so, I’m

exchanging my pain into hope

exchanging my tears into joy

exchanging my loneliness into feathers that fly in the sky

kindness sister Krissy

When We Are Still…

Suddenly there was a shift in the atmosphere, even the birds could feel it. The red cardinal perched in the middle of winter snow. The backyard gate swinging. Like something was coming.

I’d never forgotten, the road that leads me home. Midst of maple in the air, the sayings of elders “take the Lord along with you” “when love builds the house”- the window curtains may fade, time slips over into another the day, Ceramic angels have multiplied scattered around the living room.

we are all, God’s birds, chanting our own tune,

dazzling midst

temporarily the ash starts to burn

colors of “Josephs’ robe” -lights up the sky

in the shadow of moon’s trees

and we live and we live

Kindness sister Krissy

Be A Little More Positive Please

It feels like I’ve been sitting on the sideline in my own life.

a listening witness of all things,

mostly out of my control, I’m not crying rivers’ but I just believe ,

I’m so over suffering or letting my suffering win.

kindness sister Krissy

“Leave it Alone, God Can”

I found an old guitar clip but I couldn’t find my pen

words started pouring out just when I dug my heels in,

sitting my old chair pass down a generation,

words that slip

age after age

winter after winter,

horns are blowing,

drifting me back

where God calls the roll,

“to be absent in the body, to be present with the Lord”,

please tell everybody – when God calls the roll

I’ll be down here praying, working

keep those old sayings,

loving my neighbor like everybody should

holding my little darlings,

telling them with goodness

kindness flows like river

patience grows like olive branches, out on the hill

God watches over us

brooding over those old hens

I’ll be

tending to the gardens of life

when God calls the roll

kindness sister Krissy