Month: February 2018

What started out as a typical day: the birds chirping in the sky, the squirrels in my trash can. The children running to catch the school bus. Then I was transported… As if I was present but with my eyes, I  was reliving a moment, felt like yesterday. The air was bitter cold. My teeth […]

It does my soul well to listen. Upon the trees without leaves, to the birds that have returned. Better than steel- glass. Better than kings. Better than the finest silk spun over the master’s pupating cocoon. With every note, open to heaven’s ear. Quieting the soulish scream. Soothing, lonely eyes. And calming rivers across the […]

There is a source of kindness: One that is disruptive to evil plans. And restores the lion to lay down with the lamb. ~ your kindness sister Krissy Mosley  

We witness. We tell. We cry. We hope. We pray. We spare. We wait. We can. We must. We lend. We bend. We stand. We cast. We doubt. We shake. We glean. We fight. We run. We hide We mask. We fall. The axis of our souls out of orbit. We uncover truths in scarlet […]

Sometimes life needs to be simple, timeless like- A gentle rainfall. The cry of a baby bird. The laughter of little dirty children filling mud pies for sale. The crackling smiles of old lovers holding hands. The ringing bells of Saint Mary’s Cathedral. The Villagers that say hello in the street. The chanting prayers of […]

To be here it will take wind. It will take washing. It will take knowing. I am worth every bit of the journey.~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley

I found my self-kneeling there. I knew it was holy I tried to squeeze in. The more I moved over the more the people rushed and fell upon the altar. I knew I needed to be there so I scooted over. I placed my hand over my face and couched in the corner. Th prayers […]