Month: December 2015

In a world like mine in repair, the stars align my tears are free To grieve the hurt, this world used to be  

This madness is thinner than narrow eyes piercing every joint below the knees. I have said I do. Standing in the aisles of creation.  I open my shadows to follow my imagination’s path. I want more than a warm breeze. I want to be the winding winds. I want my writings to reach the sun. […]

There is a space beneath – I place my worries. I empty all my prayers in the night. I am left-winged bird pulsing on the sunshine. My wings never look so radiant and grande. On the strings of laughter, over hills joyously jumping in the arms of the wind. On the runways fiercely made just […]

I am grateful for the art of writing. As midnight holds my sorrow. A new day has come to cheer. I am grateful – for my eyes, I can see. For my ears, I can hear. For my heart that does not leave, I am grateful for mothering prayers. To breathe to be still- to […]

  “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Martin Luther King, Jr. My light of love remains fixed. In a time where hugs and smiles are given on cardboard signs. My main objective for this blog is to inspire love – that love swells and bands the wounds, […]

Originally posted on StormieSteele:
I am stillness, I bring peace through the storms of life. I am stillness, the quiet of my presence calms. I am stillness, rest is my gift. Will you walk with me, sit with me and allow me to bless you…to heal you? I am stillness/copyright 2015