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Pen and Tree

trees looking up

This madness is thinner than narrow eyes piercing every joint below the knees. I have said I do. Standing in the aisles of creation.  I open my shadows to follow my imagination’s path. I want more than a warm breeze. I want to be the winding winds. I want my writings to reach the sun.

When I am sad or bewildered and naked with pride. I want to remember my pen and each tree that has given their lives. After all, I said I do; not for show, money, followers or fame.

I am committed way down – deep calling out to deep. I am afraid that I shall hold on. I do grow weary, but I must walk on. My ancestors have made the stones for me to follow.The visions are vivid with emeralds-waters and fresh bread. This is my art, I’m married to the pen and the tree.

VisionarieKindess© 2015



swan rise now

There is a space beneath – I place my worries. I empty all my prayers in the night. I am left-winged bird pulsing on the sunshine. My wings never look so radiant and grande. On the strings of laughter, over hills joyously jumping in the arms of the wind. On the runways fiercely made just for me. I am rising.

VisionariKindness 2015 (image credit


Soulful Whisper

lighthouseI am grateful for the art of writing. As midnight holds my sorrow. A new day has come to cheer. I am grateful – for my eyes, I can see. For my ears, I can hear. For my heart that does not leave, I am grateful for mothering prayers. To breathe to be still- to laugh until the tears fall. Upon a fleeting midst – living and dying. The same silly dance of gravity.


When I’m old and can no longer see, frail – growing in wisdom’s gill. Strolling by the tracks of the sea. The waters shall come to carry me on the backs of the masters’ and the fruit my people.

Seeding down a deeper love…

VisionarieKindess2015 (image credit photo Malisha Goggans)

Some Through the Water


To sing within life’s beating drum

clothed within the broken flower’s of heated clay

within ruptured prayers for freedom

within the sanctuaries of lovers

within the miracles of breathing rain

within the skies – I carry in my pocket

waters – within my soul –

my ocean speaks…


(image photo Credit to Malisha Goggans)





Hold on Love


free hugs

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

My light of love remains fixed. In a time where hugs and smiles are given on cardboard signs. My main objective for this blog is to inspire love –

that love swells and bands the wounds, inflicted by hate

that love is richly poured over hurting hearts

Humans of the present earth- hold onto love

for if we lose love -what else is there….

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