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Generations Raising Themselves:

I’m more myself now than I ever was.
When I look in the mirror. I don’t see the sad eyed-girl with low self-esteem. Or the abandonment of my mother. To have a second husband and leave us. That was her choice.

To leave her kids with their grandmother during their teenage years. (Never -mind my dead father).

As I bent down to tie my shoe. I let my mind wander back, to that girl, I used to be. On the floor of grandma’s corner house, faced down into the carpet. Hands over my face. I’m barely breathing. Tears falling out the sides.

My brother and his friends are teasing me for wearing the same winter hat.  Day in, day out I wore that hat. It was starting to be really hot. I still hadn’t put a comb to my hair. Let alone, look at that hot mess sitting on my head. So I did, what I thought most 13-year-olds do when no ones looking. I stuck a wool hat on my head and kept it moving. Until those boys snatched it off.

Then all that shame, all that matted-down nappy-shame ran over me. My younger cousin walked in the middle of my disgrace. In the middle of their full on the enjoyment of sheer bullying. She covered me with her love. Being all grown, at six years old. She wiped my tears. Pulled my body off the floor.

I made it. Past their scrutiny, past their foul words. Past the regret of not knowing how to take care of myself.

We’d become best friends that day. She too needed a mother. I cooked her meals, walked her to school. She introduced me to an old school beautician in our neighborhood. The rest is history
God is good like that.~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley


On The Other Side of Through:

when i think of all of the ways of i could have given up,

i could have told the world goodbye,

somehow i survived, the wayward June-bugs hopping into hopelessness,

somehow i mounted up encourage to face days i possibly didn’t love me

i don’t know how , i made it, but

i did~ your Poet Krissy

Business Mantra:Where Dreams Are Made Reality…

I’m dreaming…

Books & Being Sanctuary

In the beginning, I see myself taking a stroll on the beach. My family is with me. The day is partly cloudy, partly sunny. There is a nice gentle breeze in the air. I feel it flowing through my hair.

I look to my left and to my right. I ask my family the big question, are we ready for the Grand Opening?

My beautiful kids nod in agreement. Soon we enter the place of Books &Being Sanctuary. My kids cut the beautiful red ribbons.

There is applause in the background ground. Cheers, and laughter fill the atmosphere. As we enter I see the climbing moss covering trellis. The luscious green blooming -flowers.

Inside there are books on the shelves. Art is in session. There is meditation. There is pottery classes, and painting, poetry workshops, and so much more.

I see myself leading poetry and prayer. I see myself dancing…

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Sitting Down, in progress…

it’s been a couple of rains since I’ve last sat down, next to my soul, like wet, weary, weathered hangers, rotted bones out on the clothes lines of otherness parts of me, consuming endurance like wicker rockers, missing upper teeth , gummy – out washing my words, like smiles, all smiled out, they greet me under the sunny haze on a Saturday night as dark crystal moon sitting, telling, gambling’s of my future, come home they say, relax they say, relish and be, for the sake of being your Poet Krissy Mosley all rights reserved 2023

Ode To The Negro Girl In My Soul: Happy Women’s Month

Ode to the negro girl in my soul , I find it odd to say, you think,  too mightily of what we have become, if you thought lunch counters, and sit ins were a problem, imagine walking down universal generalizations, in grocery stores where A, still can’t point to B, and not feel  swallowed between, cookie cutter hopes, and aisles where residential change is daunting,

there are no Langston Hughes, of my day, who dare to write of bodies stolen from the Motherland, bodies that sing of Freedom, bodies buried before daylight, bodies that can’t hold -free, and when they do , it must be in the key of silent, just another altered variable of Y ,  dark girls, Y-copper sands, Y- dark- black holes and gravity, 

everyday I chant, everyday I speak in verse, make my Jesus a negro girl, like prayers as dreams of steel in my soul, make my song , smothered ancestors of conception, yearning seas of glass, break heavy with sorrow, break full bowls like red-tents, womb-embraced, no weightier thing, birthing, night, consolations of my own darkness, stars of darkened-golden-holy, full-to- overflowing, Ode to the Negro girl in my soul. your poet Krissy Mosley all rights reserved

💙THANKS TO ALL: who write, make art, & live….💙

To the blogs on WordPress that always inspire me , make laugh, give me virtual- hugs, 💙💙💙🤘🏾✨

Maren @ https://giftsinopenhands.wordpress.com/

Kym @ https://frombehindthepen.wordpress.com/

Michele Lee @ https://myinspiredlife.org/

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Smile, Love & Give ( taking in the moments with laughter )

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would love to travel. Create safe houses for women. I would love put my kids in better schools. Giving them the opportunities I didn’t have. Most of all, I’d give to grassroot organizations , reopen the library that is shut down in my neighborhood. I can see myself giving because, that’s what I do now.

I would love to think money is the answer. I know it can solve a lot of problems. However, on the real, what would I do? Winning the Lottery for me is much deeper one that is spiritual, i.e. enlightenment, long life, with good health, watch the children grow up with no #childhoodtrauma…. funny enough, I was in a playful mood this weekend. So I played the lotto, and won 4 dollars, ha! 🤣Winning the lottery is about living life. Having fun. I plan to do every bit of that! 😊🙌🏾🌻🤘🏾💙 (that’s me as a little girl)

P.S. everything I said, I’m working on. I don’t have to wait, I’m winning right now…. 💙