I’m more myself now than I ever was. When I look in the mirror. I don’t see the sad eyed-girl with low self-esteem. Or the abandonment of my mother. To have a second husband and leave us. That was her […]

It was the thundering 80’s when I was conceived. A healthy brown baby doll- 8’pounds, 13, ounces. Dark brown eyes to match my glowing skin. Mama’ said “she’d stayed off drugs long enough to have me.” After that she gave her life to Jesus. Prayed that I’d turn out alright. staying with the moment, enough- […]

Yesterday I felt like my writting had hit a snag, okay, okay a slump. What- ever this is, I know can write my way out. God always makes a way out. Now that ‘s not to say, there isn’t spilled milk or crying, going-on over here. I’ve done plenty. As the old saying goes, no […]

In the south, way-way back in the woods stood my old -home-church. A small off-white building. Where I learn to play the drums, direct the youth choir and for the life of me- I don’t know why, I do believe. I would take off my Sunday shoes and race on that dusty- dirt road. Covered […]

In-between the God of second chances, and my heavily made mistakes, made along the way, flash lights, search lights and the flame chasing wonderment, even the sky has beautiful bones deep, and all the same, kindness sister Krissy

The spirit of peace moves, where there is chaos it will cease The spirit of love moves, where there is hatred it will cease The spirit of kindness moves, where there suffering it will cease The spirit of hope moves, where is helplessness it will cease The spirit of gentleness moves, where there is loss, […]