I’m more myself now than I ever was. When I look in the mirror. I don’t see the sad eyed-girl with low self-esteem. Or the abandonment of my mother. To have a second husband and leave us. That was her […]

Dear writers’ burnout, I’ve stepped lightly under your thumb. Ghastly, recording -jet-lag, blistered-sketched. Riding on fumes alone alarming ping, the hum, the blow- singed by the leak of my own. Habitual crawling towards more white-paper, the rugged red/table-legs of fire, I no longer sit down- while oceans are bleeding I no longer stroke black and […]

while today is today, my mind might as well be a someday kinda brain, with all its’ trash-talking, ideas that be a load of crap in the morning, wannabe- hoping that its gonna be , and by then I’m standing outside on checkered white curb, with a muddy puddles of water one-inch from my brown […]

One: I thought I had jumped, into my novel but maybe my novel has sullied my good name -writer. Ha! I say it with a smile. My novel laughs back at me, slaps me around 3:am in the morning. Tells my mother jokes -there was this girl who thought she should write, and then she […]