while today is today, my mind might as well be a someday kinda brain, with all its’ trash-talking, ideas that be a load of crap in the morning, wannabe- hoping that its gonna be , and by then I’m standing outside on checkered white curb, with a muddy puddles of water one-inch from my brown […]

One: I thought I had jumped, into my novel but maybe my novel has sullied my good name -writer. Ha! I say it with a smile. My novel laughs back at me, slaps me around 3:am in the morning. Tells my mother jokes -there was this girl who thought she should write, and then she […]

Sometimes I’m just a girl, walking into a book store. Swimming in the minds of other writers- ah that’s life! We’re all a little crazy or maybe it’s just me, I can never find the exit-sign in those places. So I stay until almost closing, get a sense -long body lines come out of nowhere, […]

  I think the American Dream, has lynched so many of its own, so much so, orangutan/green pupils are aglow, I know its a slow burn. I’ve known its beautiful glint. Dazzled white snow. I know its crumbling yellow -diamonds, jumping out the sky. Ah-the rope, the magnetized weight has her clever edge, if you […]

Hello, world, where the sun rises and falls against the backs of those in detention camps, where the mothers’ run to collect their children, catching tears, wrecking traps/wrecking balls of thunderous multitudes oh the dream, the crashing and burned American Dream… echoing, thirsty prayers to our people. prayers that run amuck, prayers that I thought, […]