Believe A little More:


Like a bird diving for its very first drink of the morning.
An eagle brooding over her nest. The untapped ocean that delivers its arms for healing.

Most of all, the ache of a soul.
Reaching for repair.
Awaiting for the ringing bells of glory.

An ache that grows each day because she is not touched.
And for a little while, this breach may grow.
It seeps, long enough to utter-
help me…

Obtain the ancients paths, that I too may find this narrow road. Long enough, to break the bands of darkness, strong enough to ride over the earth.

Enter into the third heaven.
Bringing visions down into the ocean.

When the people drink of me.
It will be wisdom.

Ringing her bells over
the highest towers.

When the soul is touched.
She will rise with healing in her wings.~your Kindness sister Krissy Mosley

image pixabay


6 thoughts on “Believe A little More:

  1. Malisha

    This was very thought provoking and visual. It brought to mind areas and experiences of life, that I have failed in or cried out desperately to overcome. It also reminded me of refugee countries we hear or read about in the news seeking help. Great writings our sister in kindness!



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