6 thoughts on “It’s Not Perfect:

  1. Maren

    Oh, if I can save this for “those” awful times. Each rejection seems so personal — even though I know it isn’t. (which may be why in all my anthologies I have never rejected a submission just asked that folks work on editing if it seemed not yet polished) But the rejections that are not writing-based, the personal ones — of friendship or work or trust — those are the deepest, even when I know — really know they have more to do with the rejector than with me. Bless you for this one.

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    1. Visionariekind Post author

      thank you sharing this and I know I’m the queen of errors 🙂 my editing needs improving even in this one which I choose deliberately to show my mistakes… God bless you as we grow


  2. rhcwilliams

    Krissy, I can’t tell you how this ministered to me the day you posted it. I was just too in the midst of life going awry to comment. It was like God was saying, it’s all gonna work out! Thank you for this tiny gem.

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