Today I became the silent wonderer in my mind. Unconsciously, I wanted to be living the dream. You know the one, the happily-ever-after, sweeps you off your feet. And there you sit in the passenger side watching the driver steer the white drawn horses down the city street.
You turn and wave to people passing by. You let out a breath and it’s over back to reality sifting through the wreckage of my life. No, it’s not all bad but honey it’s no fairy tale.
Although life is a vapor of mysteries here’s where I’m thankful
thankful for the gate where the winter birds sit
thankful for the peace in my tiny home
thankful for the roof over my head
thankful for God who holds us all together
thankful for the rejection, starring me through my emails
thankful to keep writing
thankful for hope
thankful for good health
thankful for new and coming possibilities
thankful to finally make the change I’d like to see in the world.
and who knows, one day soon, I’ll be living the dream~kindness sis. Krissy

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