It’s Personal


In the early afternoon on a Sunday, October morning it would the last time we lived on Diamond ST. High-rise/torn down/ up and coming/ sun after sun/downtown moons so bright they be blinded by the night-glare/ somewhere watching nightmares inside our dreams

uncovering – the rotten stink of the city-bust and busted potholes of the city, some broken lights- blinking back times, roll away corner boys slumped over in their underwear. rollaway/ dumpsters on fire/Down to the wire/living/sunny-side-up

fresh eggs/no fishing/ no wishing/ fresh frogs/ no jumping

Dear anxiety on living/this will be the last time I let somebody run me off -from where I’ve been – where I spent my earnest dollars- where I laid my hat for the last twenty-seven years

what about my dreams, what about- what’s happening to me…

kindness sis. krissy


10 thoughts on “It’s Personal

  1. rhcwilliams

    Krissy, your posts aren’t in my WordPress reader anymore, so I tend to show up after a week of missing your new work. Each one I read just now made me run to the “Like” button. I couldn’t even take the time to comment so I could get to the next post. It’s awe-inspiring, but, dear heart, this kind of creating comes from going through a few things, so I’m holding you up in prayer, keeping you on my heart. Healing blessings upon you and your house, my friend!🙏

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