Dear Diary, I never wanted to put God in any kind of boxes. However, it is with great- examination, of my life. I’ve listened to many rivers, some flowing upstream, some down, some fires, and many, many symposiums that could last a lifetime.

A man once said to me when asked what I believed in
When no words flowed back

he said: “I am all of them.”
“All of What? All religions”
“How’s that possible?”

I struggle with the most basic things sometimes, especially since I’ve left the church/ to come back to the church and over and over the saga continues.

I walked down Race street repeating it “I am all of them”
Maybe, God could be just that, All of These (religions) and yet I couldn’t wrap my silly little mind around the Creator being all things/all faiths/ for everybody.

And deep down inside I knew he was right. Or I felt something stirring. God’s not supposed to be boxed, labeled or Christianized/stuck in the ways of humans’ existence. It was always bigger than us. Always has been/ always will be.

What if there were no systematic religions? Just faith and whatever you needed to call God. God could possibly be that and be so much more.

P.S. feel free to add what you believe~your kindness sister Krissy Mosley


6 thoughts on “UnPlugged:

  1. loristrawn

    Love this! I agree. I feel as if God is a huge novel, like “War and Peace,” and each of us got a sentence or two of the big picture. We need to all work together to really get a full vision of God. All religions have something to add to the picture!

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  2. Maren

    Amen to that. Each path has its beauty. I suspect that when people do not take one of the journey — without condemning the others — they may end up in such shallow water they won’t be able to swim or save so many who are drowning in the world.

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  3. Monique.Art for Pain Therapy

    Yes…I believe that organized religion isn’t always the best way to get to know Jesus as these practices are always deeply rooted in tradition and set “How to’s” with little room for autonomy and individualized growth and not always focused on the written word or the growth of the outside community. If I just attended church every Sunday, without reading the Bible or Bible study I wouldn’t get what I needed. Another problem in organized religion is everyone wants an addience but NO one wants to listen, has time to listen, compromises and seldom reaches out to those are spiritually and emotional Depleted…so you might not be getting what you need for growth.
    Great topic and always leaving the ones who most need it wanting. Monique

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    1. Visionariekind Post author

      Monique you’ve hit this right on the nose and I appreciate your voice. Truly I have felt this at one point or another. I do believe that when it comes to this sensitive topic listening is key for spiritual growth /both collectively and individually. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your words here.😊

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